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On the wings of intuition and imagination, I create.

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My artwork enhances and uplifts the energy of living spaces. I provide interior designers, feng shui consultants, and patrons customized works of art. Additionally, I am available for book and project illustration.

Giclée prints of my artwork are available for purchase. Please contact me for more information.

Bobbie Stuart

Bobbie Stuart, visionary artist and writer, spiritual counselor and teacher, holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and an MA from Chicago's Columbia College, where she was a faculty member for more than 20 years. She is a woman grown wise and intimately connected to spirit through a life of challenging and amazing experiences combined with extensive spiritual study and practice. Bobbie joins sacred healing practices to visionary outcomes in various modes of transformative work.

Bobbie's intuitive, creative, and teaching abilities reflect decades of maturation through evolving forms of healing and transformational studies. In 1970 Bobbie undertook formal studies in meditation with the monks of the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society that continued for 11 years. Over the years she has received many levels of initiation and training in classical hatha yoga, Tibetan Buddhist teachings, East Asian qi-energy practices, and she is a trained and gifted healer in multiple traditions such as Reiki, MariEl and other ancient and contemporary systems.

Bobbie's artwork is inspiring, passionate, and evocative of the multiverse of spiritual dimensions. She has exhibited in the US and internationally and her work is widely collected. Through her teaching, she has applied her transformative creative process in many universities, arts organizations and museums, and human development centers in the U.S. and abroad, including Naropa University in Colorado, the London-based Skyros Center of the Greek Islands, and the Heartland Spa, Center for Integrative Medicine, Oasis Center, and Infinity foundation in Chicago.


As a visionary artist, I feel through color, form and motion, playing with the miraculous unleashing through my gypsy soul. The universe speaks to me and I express this cosmic essence through the prism of my imagination.

As a spiritual teacher, I consider myself a vehicle for creative energy. When I approach an individual or group to lead an experience, the important thing to me is that a placed is touched in each person; a place often guarded and unavailable, but always present beneath limiting beliefs. Through the re-experiencing of the basic creative impulse, we ignite that dormant creative flicker and experience life with a fullness, an appreciation of beauty in all forms. We grow to encompass yet another dimension where we live fully and consciously, conveying our truth and innermost world. We then become captivated by our playful spirit, our hearts shine, and we enter into a state of lighthearted gratitude…we become our own best treasure. Now that's contagious!



The Art of Living Meditation with Bobbie Stuart

Saturday, June 8th, 1-3:30pm | Be Optimal Holistic Health Center, Glenview, IL USA
Meditation is the ability to focus the mind on our inner sacred center. The Art is an opportunity to practice creating and maintaining that inner awareness in a variety of easy, enjoyable and creative ways. We will walk, bow, dance and communicate together while holding our internal focus. Please join us for this initial experience of the art of living meditation.
Please call (847) 486-8000 or email to register.

Intercultural Competence Through a Developmental Lens

July 22-26, Session III | Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication
This course reframes intercultural work within an expansive perspective. We examine the stages of human potential through developmental lenses, perceiving intercultural skills emerging from increasingly comprehensive worldviews. This perspective suggests innovative strategies for working with individuals and groups to foster developmental change. Employing varied learning modalities, we will examine new models of human potential, reframe intercultural competence, employ developmental lenses to adapt our work to varying client/student needs, and increase our professional effectiveness.
Please goto Intercultural Communication Institute to register or email for more information.

"The Light Within... Soul Support"

Featured cover article June 2013 | The Eden Magazine
An article exploring how I connected to the Divine Light through art and creativity.
Please goto The Eden Magazine June 2013 to read.


Here is a small selection of artwork, I look forward to sharing more with you.